Teaching method

Don't read, but DO!
At the Sound Community, it is important that pupils become enthusiastic about making music and that they enjoy playing the instrument. That is why our method emphasises playing along with music, discovering your instrument and playing together in bands.

"The Sound Community has brought me so much joy and now I can play the drums with full confidence!" - Former student

Pupils play along with pop songs that are appropriate for their level at the time. Once they have mastered the song, it is filmed and posted on a private Facebook group of other parents and pupils of the Sound Community. If you do not have Facebook, it is of course possible to receive the videos by e-mail. You learn from each other and this is a nice snapshot of the pupil's progress.


In addition to our private lesson method, we have added band lessons as an important part of our curriculum. Band lessons are suitable for all our students who want them. It works as follows: students who have had two years of private lessons are eligible for our band lesson program.

This means they are assigned to a band (with guitar, keyboard, vocals, bass guitar, etc.). The division is done according to age and level. Our approach is for all Sound Community students to be able to play in a band.

Classes start in February and classes take place once a month. During the week when there are band lessons, they replace regular private lessons. In private lessons, the teacher prepares the student to play in a band.

We will work on a well-known pop/rock song during band lessons, which students will eventually perform at the performance nights (in the summer). A real performance with your band! The repertoire is chosen by the teachers. Of course, students may also suggest songs of their own.

This way you not only learn to play your instrument (during private lessons), but you also learn to play together with your fellow students. And that's what we ultimately want: to play in a band!

The Sound Community considers this component essential for students' enjoyment and development. Some 20 bands have already been formed at the Sound Community in recent years.

Preview evenings

To conclude a wonderful musical year, we organize a pre-recital concert, both in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. We think it is important that the students experience what it is like to perform in front of an audience. The stage-feeling is the best there is. We like to give this to the students. An evening filled with performances by students, tasty snacks, and guaranteed fun!

Pastyears the recitals were a great success (videos).  

Year USB stick

From the recorded videos (of songs) on the Sound Community page, a USB stick is eventually made for each pupil. 

This is usually done at the end of a school year. This way, the pupil has a nice year overview of his/her progress. 

The costs for the annual USB are 10 euros per copy. Reorders are possible via info@soundcommunity.nl.

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